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01/22/2003: "Hockey Monday + Shopping"

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Making our record 4-8-4, we are undefeated in 4 games! Sure two of them were ties, but they're still points. I managed to stay positive in my +/-. We started the game with an early goal. I got in front of their goalie creating a great screen allowing a good shot by our center. But were quickly, kicked to the ground with 2 unanswered goals by the opposing team. We see-sawed points until the end where it ended 3-3. I had a pretty cool tip where I stood in front of the goal with the blade of my stick angled just right, it came right up as a perfect shot to the right crossbar, but right into the goalie's glove. Pooh, I'm in a scoring slump. :( I gotta score soon. I was really wired in the game, 'cause for a while I was +2! but then my line was scored on making it a final +/- score of +1. I guess it's better than my usual -2 or so.

Did I mention I almost missed my game? I was out shopping with moO, we were out looking for stuff, and I forgot my game was at 7:45. For some reason I kept thinking it was at 9. So we were out at Linens 'n Thinks looking for a bed table, and they were sold out. Damn, it was only $4 there and my sister bought the last one before I could get to it. Good thing too, she was disappointed with the quality, supposedly it didn't come with screws to put it together. I went across the street to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to look for a similar product. All I could find is a $29 look-a-like. So we bought it. Cool too, it was pre-built. While there, I bought a jar of fake AMINAL crackers. Yesh, I say AMINAL. AMINALS are yummy. Why did I say fake? It isn't the Barnum's Animal Crackers (I think it's Barnum's), Barnum's is better, but these knock-offs aren't so bad, quite nummy.

So... I have 2 weeks to find moO a b-day present. WTF? How do I not know what to get someone I've known for 7 years? Anyone have any good ideas? Hahahah If she finds out I got something someone else recommends, she'd probably be mad. Maybe if it cost enough it wont matter =P... Still thinking...
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