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01/23/2003: "Stupid Adam..."

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OK, I've now done two stupid things related to elevators.

A couple weeks ago I was leaving work and got into the elevator, when I got in I pressed ''3''. The elevator door doesn't close. I'm like, ''What the hell?'' I proceed to pound on the button several more times, and still the door stays open. It then occurs to me that I AM on the friggin' 3rd floor. Sheepishly, I press the 1st floor button and the door closes. Luckily, no one was around to see that.

Being the normal ADHD child I am, I don't pay attention very good some times. Today, I'm going downstairs on the elevator to move my car. I press the correct button this time. Then the elevator dings for my floor. As I get out I almost run into this girl who's getting on. I make my way to the exit door, and to my surprise it isn't there. Thinking I was probably sidetracked by almost running into that girl, I thought maybe I took a wrong turn somewhere. Walking around the floor for about 5 minutes, I realize I'm on the second floor! I should have realized it when I first noticed there was no door. It isn't hard to get to the exit, I would just make two immediate rights and down the hall I should see the door. Stupid Adam...

Bitching by Adam @ 10:19 PM PST