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06/25/2003: "Stupid Psycho Kitty + More Late Night Ramblings"

Archived Extended Entry:
Stupid psycho kitty. She's playing inside my Honeywell Super Turbo High Performance Fan box that I bought from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. NO JOKE, I SO swear that's what the box says. Maybe, if I remember, I'll post a pic up later. Maybe it's some stupid ploy to get Rice Boys to buy their fan versus someone elses brand to keep them cool in the summer. Stupid, Honeywell. Well, they suckered me damnit. Then again I didn't buy it because it said turbo or anything. I mean, it was like $20 or something for a decent powered fan. I'd HARDLY call it ''TURBO'' or anything, then again some people are selling fans on eBay to stick in your intake pipe and calling it an ''electric turbo'' LOL. Lesson to be learned, people. There's NO such thing as a CHEAP mod for more HP for you car. Maybe I should BOLD it for the Rice Boys out there. LOL Then again I'm still wondering on the claims for that ''tornado'' something rather that also goes in the intake. Looks like another gimmic. But, I'm no expert.

Stupid psycho kitty. You should see my arms and legs, they're full of scratches and bite marks. I'm gonna rip out those motherfking things when I get enough money to have the vet declaw her.

Stupid Psycho Kitty. I like the other two kittens we had more, HA F U.

On a side note, my mom says my blog is depressing. Duh. Thanks, that's all I need. My mom telling me I have a depressing life. LOL, thanks, Mom.

The Scout Motto is "BE PREPARED"

The Scout Law is: "A Scout is: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, Reverent."

DON'T ASK. Maybe I should be ashamed I still remember that. I mean, I'd be one thing if I was an eagle scout, but I got bored with it and never got past... I think Second Class. I WAS, however, the only person in the troop to get a merit badge for archery. And was THIS close to the rifle merit badge. (I'm ashamed, of all things to ramble about, I'm rambling about this) LOL, and who said I wouldn't be able to make it as a Navy Seal... Damn, I can dream can't I? Just gimmie a M16A2 and a Beretta, and we'll call it even.

I MUST be tired...
Bitching by Adam @ 03:02 AM PST

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On Wednesday, June 25th @ 12:27 PM PST, kissimoO said:
you were up @ 3AM??!!! i should had woke yer a$$ up then... i couldn't sleep. didn't feel good... =*(

anyway, comment on yer entry. foine. on yer extended entry. omg, you freak, reciting scout motto & law.

navy seal, huh. HAHAHAHA