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06/26/2003: "Car! and Ren Stevens"

Archived Entry:
Yay! I got my baby back from the paint shop. Finally, my baby is done with the outsides for now. Now, she's ready to look fine for the streets. Although, it wasn't the EXACT color I wanted, close enough. I know what I paid for. Now, she's ready for some new mods, when ever and what ever they may be.

So, early this morning I went to my general Dentist's office for a routine filling. I say routine cause, well, for me it kinda is. Anyway, I was sitting there and while he was drilling my tooth for what seemed for like a half an hour, he says, ''Hrm.. I can't do anything more to this, he's going to need an RTC.'' I knew what he meant. So he sends me to a specialist Endodontist fairly close to my house but kinda far from his place. After much drilling & filling, and several x-rays later, I was quickly in and out of there. Maybe a little too quickly... 'Cuz there was a girl there who I SWEAR looks like Ren Stevens, AKA: Christy Carlson Romano, from the Disney Channel's Even Stevens. Now, I'm not the vain and conceited type, but I could have sworn I caught her checking me out. Don't give me that look, and don't you scoff. I know you are. What, I'm not good enough to look at anymore? F U too. So, I kept bothering my sister, that I met Ren Stevens today. Maybe ''Ren'' was just looking at my swolen cheek or my bad hair cut. WHAT? You haven't seen my new hair cut yet? Look to the right!
Bitching by Adam @ 09:46 PM PST