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06/29/2003: "Hockey Saturday"

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Bah, it's late and I gotta get up tomorrow to go paintballing. So, I'll make this quick and to the point.

TEAMS1st2nd3rdTOTALShots On Goal
Misfits 000320

Bah, there goes our non-losing streak and my points streak. Tonight (eR, last night) we were dominated by a more physical team. Or, rather, I should say a one man team. A physical team, yet we had most of the penalties. Yet, most of them were the last minute of the game, where someone had a break away (I think?) and ran into our goalie and into our goal. He turned around and in Matrix style slomo (my perception) and takes his sticks and basically chops at the guy behind him. Yeah, so, Sean, I know you're kicking yourself in the ass for not going to this game. You missed a nice, but quick scrum which landed 1 of their players, 2 of our players in the box and 1 of ours to the dressing room. I forget the calls of the penalties, but there was a 3rd man in call LOL.

So, I played pretty crappy today, maybe it was 'cause my brother was in the stands, and I maybe I have something to prove. 3rd period I'm skating right wing and Joe the left winger has the puck, I anticipated wrong that he would go straight in and in order to say on-sides I had to force myself into the splits and managed to stay on-sides. After the game, I went to the refs to get the score sheet and they asked me how I did that. I replied I had a background in martial arts LOL. The sad thing is he told me, after all that effort, I was still offsides. My foot was in the right place, but the blade of my skate wasn't touching the ice on the blue line, but it was that effort that he let it go. HEH.

I also got a penalty early in the game for ''boarding''. Sucks 'cause I got to the puck too. While sitting in the box it became the intermission and the refs came in the box, and I tried to figure out why I was called. So turns out, the other ref that didn't make the call said he shoulda called us both, 'cause the guy I checked held my stick after the ''check.'' Bah, don't tell me that AFTER the fact. Bah, we'll to better next week.
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