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08/26/2003: "Playoffs - Game Three"

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Quite a game we played last night. This was a team we beat one time in the pre-season but lost to TWICE in the season. We had quite a struggle during the game. After the two goals scored on us early in the first period, it had to dampen some spirits. But, not to worry, we had enough juice to score three unanswered goals in the second period. One goal was scored by our center, Mike, while he was on his ass. Nice goal. It still wasn't over yet when the other team scored the equalizer in the third. This brought us into five minutes of overtime. Nothing extravagant happened in the overtime period so it was all down to a shootout. Hrmm... can someone recall the shooting order? It was all a blur from all the cheering. All I can recall is Byron, our first line right winger, scored the winning goal.

On a totally unrelated subject, I just noticed a big amount of bruises all over my legs and arms. HA, I'm getting too rough out there. I guess it's time to check my gear again. Right now in both arms my ulnas hurt, I believe that's what it's called. Someone in the locker room after the game, was it Jay, said it might be a stress fracture. Bah, back to the hospital, maybe. At least I have a few days, maybe a week, before we have to play in the finals.

Next is the championship game! Who would have known we would gone this far? What will the outcome be? When or where is it going to be? Will Adam get a playoff goal or even a hat trick? I don't know. But keep looking here for exact details.
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