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09/10/2003: "MP3 Trading?"

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So, is this whole KaZaA/MP3 scare going to really scare all the people from trading mp3s massively? Your thoughts? Please respond. Even you random people that come here =)

My thoughts? Well, I don't think they can get rid of MP3s as a medium, period. I also don't think they can get rid of the companies with programs that allow people to share music massively. If you close one, someone out there will see an opportunity to build one up and the whole cycle will start again. HOWEVER, I do think that singleing out people and suing them or whatnot, IS a start. It won't hurt the companies directly, but it WILL scare people from sharing and downloading. Maybe... Ha. I'm not sure... We'll soon see. Even after the whole scare in the newspaper, I see 3,567,487 users online... How are you going to scare all of them? (I say as I CLOSE my KaZaA Lite, while my brother in the other room deletes his copy from his computer) I think pay MP3 WOULD be a good idea if it was implemented in the FIRST place; try to do that now, I'm sure it'll happen but with a BIG struggle. A BIG plauss for pay MP3s is the quality. How many times have you DLed a song and it was either corroded, cut off, or looped? Don't have to worry about that anymore with the pay services. I know Apple is running one, I can't recall who else is. Supposedly, Apple is only Mac right now. Not sure if they ported to the PC yet... Do YOU remember the last time YOU bought a CD? I don't. Mainly 'cause I hated spending $11-15 something for a CD when I ONLY LIKED ONE FRIGGEN SONG! Singles were cool, but some songs never even came out on single CDs. If the music company wants to be jankie about it, fine. But, don't expect me to buy any CDs soon. I'll just listen to the radio or listen to a DVD in the car. Yes, I said listen... Maybe, if the music companies were smart they'd sell custom CDs or something. Pick the songs I want and buy the CDs close at a cheap price somewhat close to cost. We all know how much a CD costs nowadays, you buy/manufacture them in BULK! I'm not asking for 200 MP3s on one disc, but at leasst give me a choice of songs if I'm to pay my hard earned cash (yeah right) for a CD. Alas, I write this all purely for flame, since it's too late, no one's changing and MP3s WILL stay here for good! <^> Music companies. We all know alot of artists don't care, they make a sh*t load of money from concerts, public appearances, commercials, ETC. YOU'RE just greedy to fill your pockets with MY money from MY EMPTY pockets... Once again <^>
Bitching by Adam @ 08:28 PM PST

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On Thursday, September 11th @ 01:01 PM PST, KUV said:
i agree
On Friday, September 12th @ 02:58 PM PST, Shia said:
they just need to be more free about selling the rights to individual songs to companies. companies cant scare everyone, but if they keep sueing and are scary enough, then there would be fewer people illegally trading that have moved to using "buymusic.com" and stuff. if the download selection on kazaa were reduced enough from fewer users, then people would start leaving quicker and quicker to the pay services just because its easier. you can already make custom cd's at home with the online pay services. if the music industry was smart they should shift to getting in on the online pay services instead of denying that the online medium should exist.
On Friday, September 12th @ 03:07 PM PST, cruncho said:
whatever dude.
On Friday, September 12th @ 07:47 PM PST, Adam said:
Hrm, when I said respond, I was hoping for a little longer input than two words. Your response has no direct input to the conversation and thus just wasted bandwidth; thanks, now I just further wasted bandwidth. Take some time and think of some witty argument for or against the topic of discussion.
On Monday, September 29th @ 11:28 PM PST, pam said:
i'm one of the few people who actually buys cd's and goes to lots of concerts. i easily own 300+ cd's and go to 2 concerts a month. i just got a car stereo that plays mp3s and i still haven't burned any yet. i'm still down with the old cd technology, but i'm crazy like that.