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10/07/2003: "Lacrosse Anyone?"

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Ok so on Saturday I'm at the Sharks game with my dad, brother, and
Shia and there's this, um, kiosk(?) (I just like using that word) for a new pro lacrosse team here in SJ. From the videos I saw (you can DL a vid on the website), I think I gonna really like it. It's full check, kinda like a hockey on astroturf! Check out the fight near the end! Season doesn't start until January, so let's save some money and get some tickets! Go to the San Jose Stealth website. The mascot (or whatever it's called) is a ninja! How cool is that! Tickets are like half of what sharks are. Man,I so gotta get glass seats for at least one of these games, since I'll probably never see a glass seat for a Sharks game or any other hockey team. Let's go watch Lacrosse!!!!
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