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08/29/2004: "Motorcycle Class & My Babies [Pics]"

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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY, I finished my motorcycle classes today, YAY ME!!!!! Now all I gotta do is get the paper they mail to me in like 1-2 weeks, then I can go to the DMV then I'm STREET LEGAL! Then again, after that, all I need is a damn speedometer control gearbox in my wheel, which will cost me about $120... Oh well, at least half the hard part is over!

The sad thing is, before we (me and my brother) left the range, three other guys had to start the test over. One guy didn't have his safety gear on correctly (shield wasn't down), one guy slipped on some water/oil on the track and dumped the bike on the ground, and the third guy took the U-turn/S-turn thing too quick and lost his balance, put his foot down and then basically gave up and put the bike on the ground. I think they woulda let him continue but the fact that he put the bike down and gave up hurt him. What sucks more is when they retested, he dropped the bike again at the stop skidpad. Gotta come back next week and retest or something...

I was really rooting for this one girl, kinda sad. She was small, and was stuck with this bigger bike and had to tip-toe more than me and my brother did. The first day, I asked the teacher if she'd want to trade, he said, ''Don't worry about it, she's gotta learn.'' I felt bad. Oh well, she passed... Now, I'm just fiending for a ride!!!

Here's some eye candy... my babies, all nice and cleeeeeeeen!!!



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On Tuesday, August 31st @ 07:05 PM PST, Sathooopid said:
Horay for Adam! Congrats. And I have nothing against short asian guys---most of the asian guys I know are short asian guys. I just had to pick 'short' asian guys 'cause my two friends I bugged about the dancing are taller girls. =P